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P[X]Paralegal was founded by former legal practitioners to provide a convenient and expert support service.

Based in London, P[X]Paralegal was founded by legal professionals who know the industry inside out.  It was from the very frustrations faced daily by the legal profession of wading through mountains of administrative and case management tasks - necessary part of every day legal life - that P[X]Paralegal was first imagined.

What if somebody else could take the strain by absorbing time-consuming and urgent tasks with the same reliable results?  And what if we could make it super-easy by providing an immediate and secure document 'collect & return' transportation service?

We put our years of experience in working within the UK legal sector together with a network of tried and trusted paralegals who shared the same drive and desire, to create something fresh and innovative.

P[X]Paralegal became a reality.  It is filling a void that,for many legal professionals, has turned a burdensome and mundane professional responsibility into an opportunity to enjoy what they do and to improve their business performance.  Whatever you need and whenever you need it, we provide full practice support.

At the same time, P[X]Paralegal is redefining Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) for the mutual and long-lasting benefit of lawyers and clients alike. We achieve this by fully understanding the strengths and limitations of both LPO providers and legal practices in order to realistically assess who should sit where in the UK legal service eco-system.

Our sole purpose is to make the legal profession run seamlessly and allow its professionals to concentrate on doing what they do best.  By removing obstacles, problems and mundane yet vital tasks, we enable legal professionals to become more efficient and dynamic.  A lawyer who spends less time on systematic processing, has more time to spend on business development – securing new leads and new client instructions.

Through our unparalleled stress-free paralegal support system, you can focus on the job you love doing – and do it to your maximum level. We are the service that legal professionals have been waiting for and the demand for us to exist was so high, we had to make it a reality.

With our own in-house team of paralegals coupled with an extensive network of trusted paralegals whom we can call upon at any time, we handle all manner of tasks allowing you to breathe easier with the peace of mind that your cases are in the safest of hands.

Call us and allow us to ease the burden.  It’s what we do and we pride ourselves at being the best.

FREE 'collect & return' service for ALL orders across the UK. Secure and efficient, making your job even easier.
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