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We work directly with the legal profession.

P[X]Paralegal provide Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) services to regulated legal professionals.

Whether your are a law firm, sole-practitioner, barrister, clerk, or legal executive, our flexibility and expertise means we cover a wide range of legal support areas that can benefit you and your clients.  We also work for licenced conveyancers, notaries, chartered legal executives, costs lawyers, patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys.

In working directly with legal professionals, P[X]Paralegal is a catalyst for the provision of legal professional service, rather than a competitor.  It is our strong view that regulated legal professionals should take the lead role with the client and that the LPO provider should work and be directed by the ‘lead’.  This enables the client to benefit from expert advice and streamlined communication, with the LPO provider merely supplying the background harmony to bring efficient and economic benefits to both the client and legal professional.


Benefits to barristers

For both self-employed and Public Access (Direct Access) Barristers, having a reliable team of paralegals to turn to is critical.  We work with many Public Access Barristers, offering a whole host of services from client-support through to bundling.

In summary, the support offered by P[X]Paralegal makes perfect financial sense.  We allow you to time-manage more efficiently by taking on workloads that have become unmanageable.  Imagine having peace of mind in knowing that the work we take on is completed to the standards you would expect if you were handling the task yourself.

Clear your mind and your desk of backlog and concentrate on actually doing the job you trained for – fall in love with your profession again by helping administer access to justice rather than diluting your talents.

Benefits to clients

Ultimately, outsourcing to P[X]Paralegal will enable greater access to justice for your clients.

We were primarily born out of a desire to provide genuine access to justice.  Ultimately, by enabling you to lower your costs, you can help your clients to get past the barriers that otherwise prevent them from accessing the best justice system in the world.

Benefits to law firms

To maximise profitability and to satisfy clients having regard for greater value, law firms are shifting those processes that can be performed more cost-effectively to paralegals.

Outsourcing paralegal support offers an additional layer to achieving financial success for the legal practices of the future.  Outsourcing shifts one largely fixed-cost base - staff salaries - to a variable one.  Embracing outsourcing maximises profitability and satisfies clients’  expectations for greater value.

Even ifyou have an in-house team of paralegals, we can be that extra resource for when things get super busy.  We will work as a natural extension to your own team – whether on-site or remotely.

For the longer term, however, outsourcing will make more commercial sense than hiring new paralegal staff.  Staff need desks, office security, computers, training, management, administration and payroll.  And then, they get sick and don’t turn up for work for a few days, or change their plans and leave altogether. Moreover, with an eye on career development within the industry, how long will they remain paralegals within your firm?  It might be time to reconsider your support staff strategy.

P[X]Paralegal can assist with meeting the demands of a growing practice.  Perhaps you need additional support because your existing staff is overloaded.  Or maybe you are downsizing and cutting costs, getting rid of office space, salaries and overhead to increase profits.  Our services are scalable and customisable to each client's individual case requirements and designed to integrate easily with in-house solutions.

Focus on what really matters and what you do best – let us do the rest.  If you have an urgent matter or when your internal resources are simply not enough, we are the easiest, most cost-effective alternative you can rely on.

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