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Our promise

Our promise is to balance excellence and efficiency with cost-effectiveness.

We know you’re pressed for time and need to know your outsourced partner is 100% competent in providing the excellence which upholds your own reputation.  

P[X]Paralegal promises to be the partner to honour these requirements.  Whatever you need and whenever you need it, we provide full practice support.

Seamless from start to finish – end-to-end delivery

Until now, the legal profession has relied on a multi-network of third party providers; for example, an external courier company and a separate outsourced legal support provider.  Too many cooks can spoil the broth, as they say, and having several disjointed external partners to book and manage requires time and organisation, resulting in less efficiency.  The security of the documents being passed among a multitude of external providers is potentially also at risk.

Thanks to P[X]Paralegal, these concerns are now in the past. While this expression is over-used, we can’t find a better way of saying it; we really are your ‘one-stop-shop’ for legal support.  Starting with the physical collection of your documentation,which is delivered straight into the hands of our expert paralegals, we’re just [one] call or click away.

Our team of drivers have been well-trained - they understand the need for punctuality and security.  On the softer side, they’re also a friendly bunch, and will walk in to your offices with a smile and ‘nothing-is-too-much-trouble’ attitude.

We provide easy to use ‘P[X]Paralegal dispatch ordering and labelling software to provide real-time web tracking.  You simply need to print parcel labels from our website and attach them to the documents requiring collection and delivery to our paralegal team.

Security – taken seriously

Our document-transportation service is powered by a proprietary fleet of secured vehicles, dedicated to the legal profession.

Have peace of mind in knowing that your important documents are tracked and GPS-located from the point of collection through to their safe arrival at our HQ; and back again.  We take photos at both ends of the journey, so rest assured through ‘pictures’ that your documents are being processed safely within our secure network.

Our offices, like our collection service, demonstrate our commitment to security.  24-hour security guards, document-safeguarding procedures, CCTV on-site as well as fire-proof safes are just some of the physical elements we use to ensure important documentation is secure.  We use a Tier 4 data centre, meaning e-communications and e-documentation are stored to the highest security levels available.

Tier 3 data centres provide the most stringent levels in security and are designed to host mission critical computer systems, with fully redundant subsystems and compartmentalised security zones controlled by biometric access controls methods.

Only the best in paralegal support

All our paralegals are highly experienced in providing legal support services.  In fact, each has a minimum of two years’ experience and relevant qualifications to do the job as well as you would yourself.  All members within our paralegal team share the founders’ constant strive to provide excellence and a second-to-none service that makes [your] life easier.

FREE 'collect & return' service for ALL orders across the UK. Secure and efficient, making your job even easier.
Please call us now on 0800 888 6760.