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P[X]Paralegal offer full practice support on an ad-hoc or ongoing basis. On-site from your offices, or remotely from our local processing centre.

P[X]Paralegal work seamlessly with legal professionals, doing as much or as little as required.  View us as your positive, friendly and brilliant (excuse us for saying so ourselves) support team, enabling you to get on with the job you trained for.

Our free, secure, hassle-free document collection service that networks central London and beyond will get the first leg of your journey with P[X]Paralegal off to a smooth start, ensuring vital deadlines are met.

We provide a comprehensive list of paralegal services, no matter how big or small the case.

Our list of services below is by no means exhaustive in terms of the areas of support we provide.  For example, our paralegals are trained in preparing a variety of legal documents, including witness statements, complaints and responses etc. (under your instruction, of course).  They support trial proceedings, assist in collecting evidence, compiling artefacts, consolidating facts, and tracking cases.  In fact, our paralegals can support your entire litigation process, including researching case law, preparing briefs, archiving supporting documents, and much much more.  Therefore, please do contact us to discuss the specific services you require in more detail.



Document scanning for eDisclosure purposes, security back up or database creation.  We have lightening fast optical character recognition (OCR) equipment that will turn your hard copy documents into any format, ready for uploading to your favourite online or desktop document management software.  By the way, if you need, we can recommend a document management solution for you (cloud-based or in-house) and help set it up for you.


Once your documents are scanned, we will apply our library of meta tags (or use your own tag definitions) to create a highly manageable document archive for review, analysis and trial bundle assembly.  It goes without saying that we will de-double your data, unitise it and process it to every expected standard ensuring that the highest level of search integrity is achieved.


Simply put, all our paralegals are experts at document analysis.  They will review your bundle or library (no matter how big or small) to ascertain any key data and evidence you require to build your case.  Just tell us what you need, and let us do the hard work. We promise you will be impressed with the results.


Indexing, collation, pagination and cross-referencing is what our paralegals do all day every day.  And when you do something many times over, it becomes second nature – fast, efficient and of high quality.  It reflects on the results we deliver to you, and the results you deliver to your client.


Our expert translation and interpreter services (in over 20 languages) and extensive project management experience means we can work seamlessly alongside legal professionals on international briefs to achieve maximum clarity for both you and your clients.


Once your bundle has been assembled (electronically or in hard copy format) we will proceed to print, bind, file and box it to the quality assured standard that makes us proud of the P[X]Paralegal brand.  And when you recognise the uncompromising competence that we aspire to, you will be proud to associate your practice with P[X]Paralegal.


Our specialist researchers have legal and accounting qualifications and are trained to find the answers you need.  We can move forward quickly to gather evidence, legislation and legal precedents in both local and foreign jurisdictions, as well as perform forensic research online or on site.


Let our advanced paralegals (many of whom have extensive legal practice experience) to draft documents for you, including obtaining and transcribing witness statements, memos, letters, agreements or any other documentation that require specialised preparation in a timely manner.


When vital communication is needed between you and your clients, but resources or time is lacking due to other commitments, our case managementteam can take the pressure off by coordinating all your client-relations requirements.  You can be in court, engaged on other client matters or away on holidays, and yet feel comfortable and safe in the knowledge that we are taking care of your clients’ every need.

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