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Who are we?

We are an onshore, UK-based Legal Process Outsourcing provider.

When we say ‘we’re on [your] case’, we mean this in the nicest possible way.

Out of demand and in response to ongoing changes in the industry, P[X]Paralegal has been created to provide a relevant service, tailored to the requirements of today’s lawyers and of client demands.

In understanding the internal and external pressures and challenges within the legal sector, we keep things simple, fast and cost-effective for you through our efficient systems, state-of-the-art equipment and our highly capable paralegals.  We echo the words of John Wotton, former President of the Law Society, who said that “legal services outsourcing is a win-win for all the parties.”


Let us put your mind at ease

Our job is to make your life as a legal professional easier and more enjoyable through reliable paralegal support.

P[X]Paralegal has been created to take away your stress and pressure by shouldering the workload, allowing you to focus on the role you are qualified for and enjoy most.

We know this won’t be achieved if you are in any doubt about the competence of your outsourced provider.  We understand that your reputation relies, in part, on the work produced by your outsourced service provider.

Rest assured that we take both your reputation and ours very seriously and appreciate the need for you to perform your due diligence when deciding on your outsourcing partner.  That’s why we’ve built P[X]Paralegal with excellence in mind - and we never accept second best; it’s part of our DNA.

To put your mind at ease, we work to strict quality, ethical and security standards, including ICO (for data protection), ISO 27001:2013 (for information security and security management), and ISO 9001 (for quality standards).  We have sophisticated systems for conflict checking and for protecting client confidentiality.  We can also provide references and qualifications of the paralegals who will perform the work for you.

Further details on our standards and systems is available upon request.  Please email us at welcome@pxparalegal.co.uk.

Let us be the only support call you’ll ever need to make

We’re the only call you’ll ever need to make for all your paralegal requirements, and our own fleet of dedicated and secured vehicles provides safe transport to ensure your documents are fully protected during collection and dispatch.

Let us empower you with better client relations

We’ll enable you to have better relations with ‘clients of today’, who are less tolerant of accepting legal fees blindly.  The modern client understand the availability of unbundled legal services and will often seek that a paralegal – whether in-house or outsourced –performs part of the legal process, rather than a higher-priced lawyer.

Yet, we are also acutely aware that, like you, your clients want guarantees that paralegal support will not result in any deterioration in the quality of the legal service they receive.  That’s why at P[X]Paralegal we promise to deliver only the best in legal support work.

Let us create cost savings for your practice

P[X]Paralegal can make the seemingly impossible, possible.  Increased profits for your firm, whilst your clients enjoy affordable legal services.  Sounds too good to be true?  It's not!  It has been proved time and time again that by efficiently outsourcing administrative and case management tasks, and only paying for on-demand paralegal services when you need them, you can increase profits by more than 30%.

Outsourcing legal support services, enables your practice to become more competitive - adopting flexibility and building variable costs into your billing structure.  It also enables you to break down the legal process and eliminate buying-in expensive employed resources.

A recent RBS report estimates that only around 10% of a lawyer’s total workload is exclusively dependent on having a legal qualification – the rest can be done by paralegals and junior staff.  P[X]Paralegal can support you with the 90% of workload – meaning your time is focused on value-adding tasks and high-value advice, which will drive your profits upwards.

Embracing LPO will introduce a variable cost model into your practice.  Reduced costs, boosted productivity and a dramatic increase in profitability are the direct outcomes, coupled with reduced work pressures within a practice.  Moreover, by reducing the overheads within a legal practice, clients can be charged less while still benefiting from the expertise and advice that only a lawyer can provide.

As a result, you will have a more efficient platform that wins new clients and a greater share of clients’ spend.

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